Personal attacks not very common in Andhra politics during TDP – Congress times when unofficial politician Started Joining, they forget the Outcome of statements about any leader elected through people’s voting.

Years back in undivided Telugu State its Congress who ruled most of the times in the light of National Interest. There been big vacuum in state politics from the year 1970 to 1980 NTR started his Political Journey and formed His Government in Few Months. New era of politics introduced by NTR later on CBN took over leadership and developed the state in all aspects there no much of personal attacks i.e. talking about politician family person who never involved in politics.

Death of then chief minister YSR resulted in New Party as Jagan eager to occupy the Throne but he failed later on his party members started personal allegations about CBN and his family as they couldn’t find anything negative against TDP they keep on targeting Nara Lokesh in very low level. There started real problem in political speeches everyone started talking personal issue of opposite party people.

To counter YCP, TDP Also started lot such allegations against MLA ROJA as she wontedly taking name of Lokesh N without proper Continued for short Pawan attacked by JAGAN by making speech on PAWAN’s Marriage life.

During PRP times PK used talk about other personal life but these days Both YCP And Janasena Going In wrong path now people will defiantly realize that who is best to rule AP.PK attacked Rahul Gandhi but it is unreachable to Rahul. PK couldn’t control his crazy warfare.