Women Should be Strong Enough to Stay in Film Industry

There are a lot of people coming here to become stars as they attracted towards the film industry. Few people they don’t want to give full effort which makes them unsuccessful. There are a lot of problems in this industry that looks shining out.

“Those who have failed in this endeavor will lose something. There are also people who end up in life to reach the desired level”. The Malayalam actress Amalapal has responded with this statements. She suggested having a lot of courage is only way to continue in the film industry.

“Some heroines will have family sentiments as they could out of acting as they are not allowed to due kissing in that movie. Those people are considered as weaker in this industry… In this field anytime… Anything can happen. It is clear that only strong minded people can stay here. At the same time, she said it would be applicable to the women of any sector, not just the film industry”. She Added

Amala believes that women facing more challenging than men in terms of movies. Amala was faced with serious criticism in a B-grade film in Tamil in the early. She has couple of Tamil movies under big banners