Why Incompetent Modi Degrading CBN?

Chandra Babu Known to Nation as Eminent Leader Because of his Development in Hyderabad As well as Key Role in National Politics long Ago. His Political Journey Started from Student Politics which made Young minister In Congress Government marrying Legendry Actor – Politician NTR’S Daughter Is the Turning Point to Babu’s Life.

From The Beginning of Cbn Tenure He developed good Relationship with BJP For Very Long Time which gave freedom to Develop Andhra Pradesh Top National Leaders and Former PM atal Bihar Vajpayee Liked His Leadership.

In the View of Gujarat Riots CBN Opposed BJP Leadership as National Integrity in danger because cruelty imposed by Few New Leaders of BJP. As Everyone Know That Modi Spotted in this Riots as he accountable For Whole Inhuman Activities And Governments Like USA Denied His Visa To Modi. As A national Figure CBN Warned Modi and Denied Entrance to Andhra Pradesh.

Later on state Divided, Andhra Left Alone as Orphan People Strongly Believed only man can save, develops This State. BJP Is in Full Swing Due and BJP Nominated MODI As PM candid forgetting everything CBN made alliance With BJP as They Assured Special Status and Special Care to Andhra Pradesh.

As Whole Country Facing Injustice From Modi And All His Promises Been Dropped In Ganga River Every Common Person Is Giants BJP And Modi Is Dreaming Raise As IKING of India Using His Right Hand Shah and Hinduism.

IF CBN opposing Modi Which Implies The Same Wave In Many Parts Of The Nation Due To His Personal Issue With CBN , It seems Modi Wontedly Did said Okay To Special Status By Showing Fake paper Works and Planning Commission. Now everything falling On Modi Couldn’t Disgust All This Negativity on Him.

So He like Defame CBN By All Means Modi Now Facing Lot of Trouble because Of Unjustified Governance And Speech incudes only Loose Talk. And people Of India Couldn’t Digest His Low Level Speech’s