Want to do a body worker Role Says Reshmi

Its best Role for any actress, to prove their talent … Many actresses done such roles as prostitute. In Bollywood, many star heroines compete to make prostitutes in a stage.

Tabu, Rani Mukherjee, Kareena Kapoor… These star heroines acted in prostitution roles in hit movies. Later in Tollywood, movies have come with these different characters. Now a TV anchor and actress’s eye on this role has also fallen. Rashmi says he wants to do such a role.

There are many actresses who have played a body worker in Telugu, Anushka, Shreya, Charmy… In the last few years, she has acted in prostitutes in various films. Rashmi says she wants do body worker role. She said she would not give up such a chance. This bumper offer is being given to the directors and producers of the film.

Most top actress Anushka did it very perfectly in krish direction she is highest graph when she did in Vedham got her best compliments from many critics.