US Visa Rejections to Tollywood Actress @ TFI S*X scandal

When film makers of Tollywood making wonders with there story telling and raising bar of telugu cinema due to some illegal things committed made headlines worldwide when the US cops busted S*x racket which involves flesh trade organized by Telugu NRI. Who is once a producer and using present telugu actress for huge amount of money.

Already India is facing Immigration Trouble due to trump government and now US government making somewhat tight and making new visa rules filmy people will first victim of this new rules. All the heroines who are performing shows in USA and filming are truly scanned before granting stepping on USA soil.

The latest one who faced same problem is Shivani Rajasekhar. She is Shivani making her debut with 2 States in which Adivi Seshu scheduled work in USA for Major parts Of the Movie But her Visa denied without reason. Maker has Left with no choice, they are trying change the location.