Top 10 Pirated Telugu Movies

The piracy is the biggest demon possession for world of Cinema. Movie Pings on the piracy websites will be out mostly after Morning Show or before last show. Even the directors and producers approach the police the piracy film is on the websites Mostly through Proxies, it’s almost difficult to remove those links from the sites if cyber cop’s tires to deactivate one site another mirror site will popup.

The filmmakers are selling the online rights before the release of the film. The movie is coming soon on the same streaming websites. Even if the review is not so much them intertied, few audience does not show interest and approaching piracy Video as it can be downloaded in HQ Format in the span few Days

But Situation not Much worst For Star Hero Movies. Several films were released from January to June. Few Movies bagged box office Records, most of movies lost Minimum returns. list of pirated films released last year was analyzed by Online Tech Company. The online Media has revealed the details of movies downloaded in peer to peer format.

Top 10 Telugu Movies Downloaded Online

1. Bhagumathi

2. Rangastalam

3. Bharath Ane Nenu

4. Mahanati

5. Naa Peru Surya Naa ellu India

6. Tholi Prema


8. Agnathavasi

9. Jai Simha

10 Touch Chesi Chudu