Telugu actress S*x Scandal @ USA

Due to Lack of chances in Telugu cinema lady artists walking through illegal Path. After Drug allegation On TFI celebrities before that Black marks disappears casting couch came in queue dragging some senior ppl of telugu cinema which made much impact on MAA association.

Recently more serious scandal kept out by American police, few heroines who still working in Telugu film industry are caught in a s*x rocket. It’s a bit shocking News for Telugu audience. In investigation its found that 3,000 USD collected for from a customer. Krishna M, Chandra M found to be the husbands of key Indian ladies in this s@x racket.

These ex and present artists found guilty 6 months news been kept away from Indian media. Even s@x work is legal in some states of USA. But human Trafficking is serious offense. They been got with full evidence

From anon Source few names are out but its only possible give hints and u ppl can guess them

Roughly 8 heroines caught in this racket

Part 1

She acted in small films years back and also set foot in second generation and promoted as a heroine.

And 2 young heroines of this generation, who acted along site of Sai Dharam and Sandeep Kishan, and they have lost their scope of work, now there been married settled in USA.

Some are well established heroines who shifted to US after marriage. Seems they are exporting upcoming actress for these purposes.

Part 2

She acted alongside of victory Venkatesh in Side character which is successful at silver screen. And an anchor also involved in this scandal. Recently she is being on news who is fighting for women rights in TFI, in few days all original names will be out.

confirmation regarding how they executed scandal and how long they been running this thing in USA will be on main stream news in couple of days.

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