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Swarajya Yatra Time For Pawan Kalyan

Finally, Actor turned Politician Pawan Kalyan makes the first move to ensure people treat him like a serious politician. He decided to rub off the bad remark of not being in touch with people on a regular basis with his upcoming yatra.

As of now, Road Map is being prepared for Pawan Kalyan’s statewide yatra. He would be announcing Jana Sena Party policies and poll promises during the course of the tour. PK would mention about local issues in every constituency and offer assurances to public on behalf of his party. A strategy is being prepared to mount pressure on Government and make it address the issues.

Sources say, Pawan Kalyan himself will announce the tour schedule by convening a press conference. A customized vehicle is going to be used by Powerstar for the yatra. This tour will be coming to an end just few months before the 2019 Polls.

Pawan Kalyan is being criticized by people as Twitter Star and he is not a serious politician. Even if Pawan Kalyan takes up any issues he will leave in the middle and take a silent stand.