Sunny Leone = Sridevi and Maduri Dixit Says Hardik Patel

Sunny Leone left adult industry Long Back but In India she being still consider as p*rn star. Most of audience still stuck there.

Hardik Patel activist and student leader in Gujarat said, “Bollywood actress Sunny Leone deserves much respect just like other actress. “Hardik added, “India will never change if we keep viewing former adult actress Sunny Leone on the basis of her previous career image”

During a press briefing, Hardik Patel responded to a question on his views on the actress and said, why can’t we respect her and forget about her past life which is legal in her previous country Canada and USA. Sunny Leone deserves much respect as we give to other actresses like Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit. “

Hardik Patel who fought for reservation of patels which created buzz in Gujarat politics for a while. He said that he will educate voters to choose better leader for Country’s development

Sunny Leone who left p*rn graphy made her Bollywood debut in Jism 2.she is some important roles in couple of bolly movie on the other side Sunny is also making her South wood debut with historic period drama “Veeramadevi”.