Shockingly Babu Gogineni Nominated for Elimination @ Big Boss

Most Of telugu people Know who is watching TV debates, he is known for busting Fake Baba’s. He attacks his Fake opposites with very reasonable logic and makes them admits to unworthy. surprisingly he joined as Big Boss contestant.

In the house he is most respectable person but shockingly Babu Gogineni got nominated into for next week Elimination Zone as few of his co continents voted him for his behavior he stands at top position regarding followers in the show with his quote like “Gelaavadam lo gopathanam ledu. Odipoiaka lechi nunchoovadamlo goppatanam vundi” which is trending around social media.

At first most of his fans spoke against his entry into the house as they consider big boss worthless. But Babu promoting rationalism and humanism in which he strongly believes

During father days event in show he also revealed how he donated his father’s eyes and body, and in his AV, he explained same donation greatness of his\ mother, thereby promoting Organ Donation.