Sekhar Kammula Next Project Under his Own Banner…?

Breaking all Commercial Movie Format One of the Director in Telugu Created New path to both New Directors and Mostly Actors. But Sekhar Kammula ‘Anamika’ Diverted his Talented Image for few years. Which makes him work of his next project for lmaost 3 years. top producer Of TFI who previously Brought Sekhar’s most of his movies at Low prize

Any have Dil Raju believed in Sekhar and his passion towards Filmmaker made him to produce ‘Fidaa’. Once again, he created magic this time its bigger and sold gave him one of liked movies in Family Audience.

With this Success Gained almost Every Actor wanted to work under his direction But Sekhar Kammula is planning his new project with usual newcomers under own production house Amigos Creations. As he almost Follow American Style of film making he produced Most of his movies Just like ‘Anand’” Happy Days” ‘Life Is Beautiful’.

He Will Director Only Basis of his interest and Gives his Cent Percent Worthy Skills. He Never cared about Failures and Success most Stabile Director in Telugu Cinema. He created his own Circle of audience He can Take Most if the Family Audience and His Fans Are waiting For His Next Project.