savithri house in hyderabad

Savithri associated Hyderabad in the area Bhagyanagar. She is found of the city’s ponds, gardens, and greenery in the city of the city. That’s why two houses were built in Hyderabad. In the 1960s, hder house in Yusuf gudaa was constructed in two acres of land in his acre.

She is one of the most interested in sitting in a house balcony sitting in a pond opposite. At that time the house was called Savitri Bangla. The Krishnakant Park is now in the pond area. Subsequently, the two houses were owned by Savitri’s sister Mallikarjuna Rao. Savitri Bungalow has disappeared over time. At present there is a large apartment in place of those buildings. The film is based on her biographical story of Mahanadi movie boxing

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