RGV filed a case Regarding his morphed Pic on social media

Popular film director Ram Gopal Varma logged a compliant. He accused writer Jaya Kumar that he morphed a photo of him. “A naked woman with RGV is morphed in the photo. Verma accused Jaya Kumar as he made this pic viral in social media. The case was registered with Punjab Police Police.

Jaya Kumar alleged that Nagarjuna’s officer is his script. Jayakumar made a tweet asking Hero Nagarjuna to do justice to this. Varma made movie with the star Mia Malkova, has gained adaptation of GST and Jayakumar alleging it is his story. Jayakumar also says Sarkar-3 script too belongs to him.

Jayakumar approached YouTube channels to report that he been cheated by Varma and also his gay approach. Seems jaya kumar doing all this for free publicity.