Really Dirty Picture Running Between Sri reddy and Nani

Most Controversial Women in Sri Reddy left media screen for Sometime as lost credit due abusing comments on Pawan kalyan’s Mother. From few days she is posting about her relationship with actor Nani. she calculates Equating with Nani into Dirty picture, And She Warned Nani that she will destroy his Family Life.

In continuation to that she accused Nani for her disqualification into Big Boss show and compared Nani with Tarak adding to that she praised NTR that no one host better than Tarak.

And she challenged Nani to prove that they both haven’t slept together. and she made some disgusting allegations regarding s@xual positions in their relationship.

Responding to all this Nani tweeted about his feeling and issued warning. And he is going to file a case against her.

In reply to Nani she stated “took that legal challenge and stated that she will defiantly fight legally tweet by sri reddy