Ram Gopal Varma vs Pawan Kalyan Continues …!!!

From past 3years RGV running twitter war with Pawan Kalyan /fans recent times we can see his twitter filled with mocking and punch tweets against Pawan Kalyan.

After Sreereddy issue fans thought there would be back step from RGV instead increased his dosage

No one knows where and it will end

Celebrates rarely react to RGV this time lyrist Ramajogaiah sastry reacted when RGV posted about

Pawan Kalyan’s recently visit to Tirumala on a staircase tour. Pawan’s photo was seated in a chair and was waiting for the poster. Commenting his Pawan Kalyan’s Energy

And also, RGV used Pawan Kalyan fans for the promotions of Nagarjuna staring officer trailer /teaser which is directed by Varma more the dislikes from Kalyan fans more views trailer getting he also tweeted how Kalyan fans helped his trailer to reach top 1 trending