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Prabhas don’t wanna leave Tollywood

Everyone who watched magnum opus knows that ‘Bahubali’ has created a great impact on Indian cinema across the country. After tremendous success of ‘Bahubali’ and ‘Baahubali 2’, Prabhas earned huge worldwide fans. Prabhas got lot opportunities to act in Bollywood.

Particularly Bollywood Big director Karan Johar likes to make film and requested Prabhas. Prabhas was offered very huge remuneration but project has been stopped because of some reasons. It rumored as Prabhas offered more than 20 crores for this project

Prabhas may not be consider this project in the pursuit of remuneration, his craze in not only in Telugu he bagged fans in all Indian cinema industry. for the first time in Bollywood, no south Indian actor has ever received such a prize. Somehow Karan Johar withdrew his proposal at first time., the director been disappointed because prabhas busy with back to back movies. Prabhas is currently busy with shooting of Sahoo. He agreed to make another film in the direction of Radhakrishna.