Nani Legal notice to Sri Reddy

After abuse word used to address Pawan Kalyan Sri reddy lost media support till then she started posting her ugly stuff in Fb/Twitter main stream media neglected her all of sudden. From few days she tweeting about Nani’s relationship

But vast web media sites continued to highlight sri reddy tweets and fb Posts. Recently actor Nani who is busy with his projects distracted and humiliated because Sri Reddy’s shocking allegations against him.

Yesterday, Nani got anger regarding her allegation: in same message which issued legal notice added

Warning to YouTube channels.

During that dirty days on media sri reddy has also accused Film maker Sekhar Kammula s*xu*lly exploitation. after he threatened with legal action, she stopped allegations against him. Same with all her alleged celebrities.

Someday it will affect most of fake web videos regarding false and abuse allegations about respective celebrities and they should face legal consequences.