Modi Bhakts Are the biggest Disaster Than the Kerala Floods

When People Evil Enough to Drag God to Satisfy Their Psyche path mental Status which clearly implies beginning Days of Black Mark on Humanity. From Past 10 Days Kerala Is Suffering from Floods resulting in 400 Deaths and Lakhs of them are left Homeless almost every state citizen trying their level best to help those people even people from Pakistan doing the same. But Few Very Few Indians who are obsessed by Hinduism laughing at Dying people of Kerala and making inhuman comments rather than helping them. These people aren’t just illiterates RSS Members a CA Who works For Reserve Bank and Lot More BJP Followers.

Rahul Churu Palayattu, a young man from Kerala, is working as a cashier in Lulu Hypermarket Market in Muscat. Some people have been posted on social media to tell if any of the sanitary napkins needed for the flood victims. Rahul said, ‘If anyone wants condoms too, please write a comment.’ Nates are worried about his remarks, at least without humanity. His company HR Manager in Oman revealed that he was removing him from job.

‘Your comments on social media in the current flood situation in Kerala are worse and insulting. We’re getting you out of tasks now. Submit your responsibilities to the reporting officer and go to the Accounts Department immediately for the Final Settlement. ‘The HR manager ordered him. Prior to being dismissed from his job, Rahul spoke on Facebook Live. ‘I apologize to all the Kerala residents. That’s wrong I talked to. I’m sorry. When I made that comment, my friends were turning me on Facebook … ‘ He said that he had made a comment on the drunken glass.

In the Other hand Central Government Showing No Interest to Help Kerala To Get back on their feet Hence Kerala As Almost Whole Indian Suffering from Biggest Disaster in The Form of Modi-RSS Government

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