Mehreen Clarified Allegations Regarding US S*x Scandal

The s@x scandal of the Modugumidi Kishan and his wife in the Chicago center of the US has been a major scandal in the Telugu film industries. When the sex scandal abstracted, ‘Krishnagadi Veeraprama gadha’ and ‘Raja the Great’ lead actress went to America with Her Family on vacation to Las Vegas when they tried go to Canada. A popular English newspaper reported that American Border Security officers then inquired Mehreen’s family for 30 minutes.

However, she took on twitter saying that she didn’t delivered any interview to anyone. What happens to Border Security officers in America? What’s in America Social media as a witness. What’s going around news about Mehreen in social media? ‘All the stories that I came out of the interview were wrong. Currently I am in Mumbai due to viral fever. In spite of health issue, I couldn’t attend Pantham pre-release event.

Immigration officials knew that am working in Telugu cinema while going to Las Vegas. Border Security officers questioned. officials later said about s@x scandal carried by Indians. I have no connection with it. Later They let me and family to Canada without any Trouble. I just felt how this people dragged Whole industry to earn money. I am just feeling Sorry for that.