Lawrence Reply To Sri Reddy

As Sri reddy took off her controversial Comments towards Kollywood Stars few weeks back and made some allegations against choreographer-director Raghavendra Lawrence. In her interviews and fb posts, the actress accused that Lawrence exploited her during Rebel Shooting.

He took some time to respond and Lawrence has broken his silence clarified things. He left Long Note pointing Finger Towards Sri Reddy. He debunked everything she accused him by clearing the deities she mentioned in interviews and he challenged sri reddy to join press meet with him. Guts Face truth in front camera and will prove I never used anyone for physical purpose.

So, for she is making Proof less Allegations Against 10 to 15 Star Actors/directors. Because of behavior most telugu media houses vomited her now she is staying Chennai from Past 30 days busy with interviews and most of Tamil audience defending accused one. We need wait whether this controversial Women responds to Lawrence reply statements.