Kathi Mahesh Arrested And Released

Babu Gogineni known to burst Fake Doctors and Fake baba’s as he is atheist as well as humanist.

As he Consider Hindu Sacred books As Just Stories when he away from social life, someone filed a case against Gogineni which accuse him of Anti National. To back Him Fellow Atheist and film critic and some lawyers defending him in TV debates and at court.

In this row Kathi Mahesh was arrested by Banjara hills police on last night for making abusive comments on Hindu gods and Their books During TV debate. Later Released on parole.

Not only in Hyderabad several cases have been filed against Kathi Mahesh across Two Telugu states after he made disparaging comments on Hindu books. In a Recent debate in tv channel, Kathi Mahesh stated – “Ramayana is just fictional story and Rama is just an idoit. And I strongly believe that Sita life would be justified if she stayed with Ravana”. Hindu organizations filed cases on Kathi Mahesh as his statement hurting lot of Hindu’s.