I Don’t want to Pawan Kalyan Politically – Renu Desai

Fans are threatening her to support Jana’s party chief Pawan Kalyan, Says actress Renu Desai. It’s been Difficult times for Renu after the divorce. In response to this, Ex Wife of Kalyan Babu posted on Facebook.

‘I wanted to use just the instrument to keep my life calm. But in life it is different. Some have advised me not to worry about those who did not make me wrong in the last five years. If I speak for myself to save my self-esteem, I have to bear all silence. Others are saying that it is for populism. Now a bad Pawan is putting photos in social media and making negative comments. So, my Instagram filled in inbox messages. Some people are asking for polarization to support Pawan Kalyan.

what’s wrong with me? Did not my self-esteem be important to you when some of the people had noticed me for the last five years? Why did you give me advice on how to get rid of all the mouths? Now people asking me to respond. It is very sad to be in this society that deals with relationships. I hope someday to find the peace of mind. Remember another thing. I’m not talking wrong about Pawan. That’s why I do not want to talk to my children but any political party, ‘said Renu.

All This Non-Sense Started only after her Announcement about her Second Marriage. Previously One of Pawan Fan Warned “If You get marry I will kill Your hubby You should Have only One Guy in your life that will be my god Pawan Kalyan”. Keeping all this thing in her mind she hasn’t reviled his future husband’s face.