Green Challenge to NTR And Prabhas @ Haritha Haram

Challenges Are Being Trendy these days green Challenge Started This Month by Telangana government Branded by KTR which made most of top actors Involved into this Great Revolution Mahesh Babu to Mega Star Chiranjeevi Came forward to Get this going and also Telangana Cabinet Ministers Also Making This Big Buzz.

Telangana’s Green initiative Haritha Haram which is much attracted by KCR’s daughter Kavitha, MP from Nizamabad pushed Green Challenge and challenged celebrities to do so. And the young Minister KTR son of KCR Pushed Further More Celebrates Now Cinematography Cabinet Holder Talasani Srinivas Yadav also took part and challenged Young Tiger NTR and Rebel Star Prabhas to be part of Green Challenge.

NTR who is very much Interested in protecting the Valuable Sources of Nature Proved by His Marvel Movie Janata garage. Prabhas who is Currently Busy with Sahoo will respond to this Soon.

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