Delhi ACB to solve Sridevi death mystery

One of the top actress died of accidental drowning in bathtub on February in Dubai. from date of her death there were unsolved doubts regarding the actress death and many conspiracy theories had arised till Sridevi’s buries in Mumbai.

After Dubai police gave clean chit to mystery in recent interactions Rt New Delhi Asst Commissioner of Police Ved Bhushan kumar, made sensational comment’s, regarding Sridevi’s death

Practically is easy to put someone into bathtub forcefully until victim’s breath stops without leaving evidence, and it can be labeled as accidental death. sridevi looks like a planned murder,’. ACP further added, “With all respect towards Dubai law, we were not satisfied with their reports on Sridevi’s death. We want to know what happened exactly.

Ved Bhushan also revealed his visit to Emirates Towers hotel in Dubai where incident happened, but he was not permitted to enter the room where Sridevi had stayed and died. Ved conclude mysteries behind the entire scene in that room and gave final statement that there’s must s mystery behind the Sridevi’s death.
ACB still investigation it privately as supreme court dismissed petition on Sridevi.