Brahmanandam Comedy Show On Small Screen @ Star Maa

On hearing Brahmanandam’s Name First we Laugh and then we look into the scene as he creates screen full of laughs. He was once part of almost all films. Directors always makes sure to have his role in the big heroes was specially designed by directors and comedy writers. Each time, the role of the Brahmi used to dominate Hero’s Stardom by the movie. Some Movies ran well only because of Brahami no doubt in that.

But this is past Now. Present audience are keen to enjoy a new kind of comedy. Cine fans don’t want to receive the same characters. In addition to all this the Young Generation Comedians are doing well. Brahmandamam seems to have taken a break after the recent, Brahmanandam films are not successful and the comedy is not working a lot.

Brahmanandam is king of comic on the silver screen. Now he is ready to showcase his humorous experience on television. Small’s screen shows the success of any of the major comedy shows. The promo was released for the show which will be aired on Star Maa Soon

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