Bogus Kaushal Army Exposed {With Proofs}

As soon as Kaushal Qualified to Bigg Boss house he is just prepared to win season 2 title no matter what.

To Execute All his Plans, Kaushal hired a social media team to Troll / Trend which supposed to promote him to get maximum number of votes. This team is working hard with a hashtag of Kaushal Army is also making efforts to eliminate Kaushal’s rivals and trolling everyone in the house.

As We can See Kaushal is Rich enough to Hire Few Editors and Trollers.Lot of Dead Twitter accounts Back to life and They Just Tweet in support of Kaushal with their Paid Tags. When innocent people able to see all this huge flow of support to Kaushal because of his straight forwardness and few people believe he is capable everything he says.

According to web research experts came to known that most of Twitter accounts Coming in the support of Kaushal created 2 months back and also, they started fake YouTube-Facebook- Instagram accounts in the name of Kaushal army.

Usually Political parties execute this type of strategy to win elections. Just for one show its difficult to understand these types of Fraud Propaganda.

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