Big Boss Show Participants Career May Fall After the show?

Can One reality-show change career of upcoming celebrates?

Let’s look at career graph of season 1 participants, we are aware that Neither beautiful Archana Veda or s@xy Deeksha Pant couldn’t get a role in single movie last one year. Coming top finalists Prince and Adarsh. Mainly Adarsh received good response during the big boss and popularity graph drifted during the show. But, it didn’t leave career graph.

Same with Madhu Priya she just got only one song Fidaa its nothing does with participation in big boss. Kathi Kartika is out of chances after and before the show., the winner of last season Siva Balaji, failed to grab chance in a film all through the year.

Hyper active participants Hari Priya she is only participant got benefited along with Navdeep. Hari Priya roped in a couple of TV shows. Navdeep currently busy with Tv shows and web series. But success rate of most contestants either decreased or saturated.

One could Wonder About This Year big boss participation Strength. This time the organizers have given the opportunity to 13 people. These include Sanjana Reddy from Vijayawada and Nutan Naidu from Visakhapatnam non-celebrates.