Andhra People Have No Trust Towards YCP illogical protest

People who aren’t brave enough to hit a poisonous Snake Usually they hit the vacuum as they afraid of the snake and try to impose fear in who is trying kill the snake.

Just Replace Snake with Ruling National Party gives a clear picture of present political status in Andhra Pradesh,Ysrcp Isn’t brave enough take Modi name out as forcible merger with BJP.Every Time Ycp proposes bandh in AP turnout to be failure.

As people of AP doesn’t lose anything because of this useless protest in same line they feelings usually out through social media they are not in support of Bandh in State which is already Facing lot of troubles today Ycp resulted nothing, not more than 1000 people participated in this illogical protest.

Other side people are in support of MP’s who is fighting For Andhra Rights. People started believing background merger with BJP.

Everyone believes that CBN is desperately working for state development who is scoring more score not only in Andhra Whole Nation is Aware of his capability. What’s so ever Jagan isn’t strong enough to face CBN even if he join hands with BJP.