Andari King (AK47) Balaya-Vinayak Movie Title?

Things around Telugu changing from past 2 years Sr actors Nagarjuna, venky, Chiranjeevi not taking any blind Path in terms of story line. Except one hero haven’t changed his attitude towards cinema and continuing same old style which makes his movie very weak at box office

Its Nata Simham who is doing back to back mass movies which is currently out of trend. At present he I signed for two films, first one is the NTR biopic and another movie is commercial masala movie. After the entry of Krish, that movie is in safe hands now. Another director who ruled TFI for few years, VV Vinayak will Helm Balakrishna their greatest combination chenna kesava reddy.

Reports are out regarding this movie title Famous Gun Name is in consideration AK47 it may be apt for this movie long back when it is extended into the title ‘Andhra King’ it may give wrong outlook as it refers Andhra only. When two telugu states should be considered for any title, to cross this ground it may be changed to Andari king.